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Tips on Resume& Likedin Profile that get you a job.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

For a lot of people, writing a resume that highlights your most relevant qualifications for the job you are applying for is difficult, yet we all hope to get selected for an interview. Often, interviewers consult your resume during the interview, too. A lot of companies are however moving towards online recruitment, a lot of these companies and recruiters are using Linked for this. There are over 20 million companies listed on Linkedin with more than 14 million open jobs.

In this blog we will share tips from a renowned and experienced career visor Ms.Kirsty Bonner who is the Founder and CEO KSB Management Limited where they focus on Career, Content and Media Consulting in London, England. She is an experienced Career visor and Content Advisor. She shares wonderful advice on content and career on her Linkedin page. You can follow her HERE.

According to Kirsty Bonner these are tips for writing your Resume and Linkedin profile to ensure you secure that interview and job.


1. No “I” (first person). Use adjectives and attributes to humanize your resume.

2. Order:

Professional Summary (PS)

Core Competencies and Achievements (CCA)

Professional Experience (PE)

Education (E)

Certifications/Professional Training

Awards/Volunteer Work

3. Length: 2 pages EXCEPT-

Freshers/Recent grads, <6 years experience - 1 page

C-Suite, Military, Medical, Legal, Project Management - 2 pages+

4. Fonts: Times New Roman/Arial etc

Size: minimum 11pts will pass all ATS systems, globally

5. Upload online as docx. unless PDF is stated as acceptable.

Send via email as PDF.

6. No Hyperlinks. ATS reads as virus in most cases.

No photos. ATS can’t read them.

7. Showcase hard and transferable skills in CCA backed up with quantifiable achievements.

8. No personal identifiers EXCEPT:

Name, phone, email, LinkedIn URL, City State

9. If 40 years + omit dates prior to 2007/2008 in PE and E.

10. For ATS compliance SEE COMMENTS:

11. Freshers/Recent grads your order:




PE or Internships

Volunteer work

This is how your LinkedIn Profile gets YOU a JOB:

1. Headline

Eg: IT Project Manager | Program Manager | Head of Strategy and Implementation

2. Summary/About Section

Eg: I am an MSc educated Senior IT Project Manager with extensive expertise in successfully delivering high-profile regulatory and customer service improvement projects following waterfall and agile methodologies.

With an impeccable track record of well-honed communication skills, I cultivate relationships with stakeholders and motivate colleagues to implement complex solutions to deliver objectives effectively.

Key Competencies:

-Project Management

-Program Management

-Design and Delivery, Implementation

-Digital Transformation

-Change Analysis

Technologies and Methodologies:

Prince2, Agile Foundations, Scrum Master, C++

Key Achievements:

+Reduced OpEx costs by 30%

+Optimised delivery of high-profile projects with budgets of up to £90M

+Designed high-volume (70+), high complexity customer journeys

3. Add 3 bullet points of job description to each Experience.

4. Add Skills.

5. Add recommendations from managers, colleagues and clients.

We hope that these tips and advice will help you secure that job.

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