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i4Policy Will Host Training On Policy Reform Processes

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

In these difficult times, advocacy is more important than ever. i4policy believes that innovation communities must become leading actors in co-creating a way forward.

For this reason, they have developed a fully-virtual version of their policy process design workshops, condensing what they have learned from supporting entrepreneurship policy reforms in more than a dozen countries in the past 3 years. The training will empower your community to lead a policy reform process in your country.

This training was designed for the members of the i4Policy community, and due to the high demand, i4Policy has opened additional (limited!) slots to allow even more participants to attend. The first of the three training sessions will be held on July 23rd (9 - 11.30 am GMT). The dates of the second and third sessions may vary depending on your Country. This will be a panAfrican training. For Kenyans, the training will be on the 23rd, 27th and 29th July 2020. We will be participating in the training.

The training condenses what they have learnt from supporting policy reform processes in 13 African countries and will address the following topics:

Day 1: Policy reform processes, practical examples, and what you need to know about Startup policy and legislation.

Day 2: Developing national entrepreneurship policy reform and advocacy strategy.

Day 3: Sustaining the co-creation process, finalizing a joint strategy, and agreeing on collective next steps.

REGISTER HERE before July 16th (Today) at midnight.

The workshop will also be an opportunity to reflect on the process of co-creation of the #pan-African Digital Assembly, which involved hundreds of entrepreneurs and innovation hubs in virtual discussions and hosted panel discussions attended online by over 50,000 people.

The Action Agenda resulting from the #pADA captures the vision of African entrepreneurs and innovators, for policies driving entrepreneurship and digital transformation. The Agenda will create opportunities to push for start-up legislation in every country in the Continent. This training will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to lead such processes.

About 14policy

#i4Policy is a movement of 170+ innovation hubs from 45 countries who support innovative public policy for innovation.

They have convened the Africa Innovation Policy Task Force, composed of innovation community leaders across the continent, to lead on the revision of the grassroots policy vision and to represent the community in regional and global conversations. They are supporting policy co-creation at national, regional and global levels, bringing together governments, experts and citizens.

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