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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Africa Esport Championship (AEC), is Africa’s premier Esports league and platform that provides youth on the continent the needed opportunity to be identified, trained and compete on a Pan-African level and showcase their talents to a global audience. AEC has presence in over 30+ African countries. Its aim is to foster friendship among African countries via esports across Africa, giving the youth opportunities to pursue their aspirations in the African esports and video gaming industry.

It was born from a handful of African esports enthusiasts who came together out of a shared passion for esports and a commitment to grow economic opportunities for Africa’s youth while putting African esports industry on the global map. AEC envisions an Africa built by collaboration with African citizens across the world, and the wider public in general. Esports provides an opportunity to enable and empower African youths economically and socially with the larger goal of transforming lives.

The Africa esports community in Africa is fast-growing with the esports ecosystem spawning numerous opportunities for skills building and income generating activities across the industry including; Players, Castors, Event Organizers, Talent Managers, Media distribution, Content Creators and more.

AEC has pioneered impact in the esports sector through aggregating and building a Pan-African esports community. By working with local esports champions and leaders, It has been able to get a strong foothold in over 20 markets, elevated these communities through their local National leagues, spotlighted local talent and created employment.

We have partnered with AEC to bring for the first time ever, a girls focused showcase in the tournament this year in Kenya. The Girl Gamer Showcase will bring together ladies in the Esports field in meet-ups, game jams each Friday and content to highlight the Women in the community.

"We are deliberate in creating a safe space for women to be able to interact with each other, learn about opportunities in the Esports sector, grow their skills, compete and have fun. We want to grow the community of women in Esports across Africa, starting from Kenya" - Sheilah Birgen, CEO , The CoRD and Diversity lead AEC Kenya.

The showcase will start in October to December 2020. Any girl gamers wanting to participate will be engaging in FIFA 20, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, STREET FIGHTER and PUBG MOBILE which will be streamed across various platforms. The players will be competing for Financial and In-Kind prizes which will be announced soon.

Registration for the same is now open HERE

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