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How long will COVID19 be with us, What Should Entrepreneurs, Govt and Citizens know and do.

Updated: May 26, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is a public health crisis without precedent in living memory, In Africa, the pandemic seems to be contained for far, but given the lack of reliable statistics and information, we must redouble our efforts to control, test and treat the disease.

According to the Africa CDC #COVID19 update in Africa (As of 13 May 2020 the day before the interview) There were cases from 53 African Union Member States reporting 72K + cases, 2.4K deaths, and almost 25K, recoveries. The numbers were still going up, as earlier predicted.

I had a chase as part of the Pan Africa Digital Assembly team to host a Fireside Chat with a Global Health Expert and the Deputy Director at @AfricaCDC Dr. Ahmed Ogwell Ouma. Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) is a technical institution of the African Union strengthening the capacity of the 543 Member States to respond quickly and effectively to disease threats.

In our discussion he gave the status of the COVID19 pandemic in Africa, the future outlook from the perspective of the Continent’s scientists and health professionals, and the appropriateness of different measures.

The Africa CDC has been doing a commendable job in setting up preparatory measures and proactive interventions that have and are helping Africa countries to reduce significantly, some of the outcomes predicted for the continent.

Here are the questions that Dr.Ogwell answered:

  1. Why the virus did not spread as fast in Africa

  2. What is Africa's mass Trace, Test & Track capacity? And what is being done in those three important disease containment and combating measures?

  3. The two schools of thought where we use wide-scale community testing OR only positive case tracing of contacts, which one do they recommend ?

  4. Stigma and how to handle that?

  5. Does CDC have a pan African approach to handling the pandemic?

  6. Africa CDC’s take on traditional African medicine? Case in point the Madagascar herbal tonic as a cure for COVID-19

  7. What Framework has been set in place for containment of a future epidemic

  8. The critical voices coming from civil society regarding the alarms of the WHO (catastrophic pandemic in Africa) are justified?


  1. How long do the virus will be with us before full containment

  2. How can we use African talented minds to find support, solutions in responding to this pandemic

  3. The impact of lockdown on countries and the fine line between opening up too soon or too late.

  4. What should Africa entrepreneurs do


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