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Jasiri, in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation, Inkomoko, Westerwelle Foundation and the Norrsken Foundation announced the grantees of the CORONA ACTION RWANDA, an initiative that supports entrepreneurial projects addressing the impact of COVID19.

The four grantees are:

The Ihangane Project

In response to Covid-19, The Ihangane Project has accelerated the design and development of E-Heza Data Solution’s Acute Illness Assessment & Management module for Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Nurses at Health Centers in Rwanda that is fully supportive of World Health Organization and Rwanda Ministry of Health policies and procedures for Covid-19 specifically and for all acute illness screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up care management in the community and local health facility level.

Director: Theophila Huriro Uwacu

Website: http://www.tipglobalhealth.org


Insightiv has developed a Teleradiology platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to allow medical imaging specialists such as radiologists to serve patients from around the country in a very short amount of time, with the goal to reduce delayed results and to improve patient clinical outcomes. The platform was developed in November 2019, but the COVID-19 crisis has even amplified the urgency of this solution given the resulting mobility and financial constraints on patients and healthcare providers that it has caused.

Founder and Managing Director: Audace Nakeshimana

Website: https://www.insightiv.ai

IPRC Kigali Consultancy/ Made in Rwanda Emergency ventilator

Develops low-cost emergency ventilators for helping patients in critical condition due to Covid19. Apart from the COVID19 period, the ventilators will be used normally in ICU and another version which will be used in an ambulance is currently being developed. IPRC has been working hand in hand with medical doctors in producing equipment with acceptable patient parameters.

Project Leader: Joseph Habiyaremye

Website: www.iprckigali.ac.rw

Iriba Water Group Ltd Iriba

Water Group developed the IRIBA Tap&Drink initiative. They install eco-friendly water ATMs and kiosks in urban and peri-urban crowded areas such as markets. These water ATMs enable the public to access affordable safe and clean drinking water at any time of need. Consumers use reusable water bottles and cups to avoid disposable plastic